Aikido History

  • 30 years of Aikido
  • 7th Dan Summer School 2019
  • SGTAS Senior instructor
  • SGTAS Shihan – Summer School 2013
  • 6th Dan Oct 2006
  • 5th Dan Aug 2002
  • 4th Dan Aug 1995
  • 3rd Dan Aug 1992
  • 2nd Dan July 1989
  • 1st Dan Aug 1986

Coach Qualifications

  • Level 2 Coach Aikido
  • B.A.B. Coach
  • Level One BKA Coach (Kendo)
  • Certificate of Education and Qualified Teacher status in Lifelong Learning Sector


  • 2nd Dan Kendo 2007
  • 1st Dan Kendo 2006


  • 1st Dan Iaido

Sensei David Started Aikido in 1982 under Sensei Ken Samuel and with the assistance of Sensei “Doc” Price. Ken moved back to Wales in 1987 and kept in touch, The club was taken over by Sensei Chris Mavin for a short period before he emigrated to Canada, Plymouth School was then run by Sensei David and Sensei Alan Roberts together. Sensei David then took over the sole running of Plymouth School of Aikido in early ’91 after Sensei Alan Roberts gave up for family reasons and has been running Aikido classes since.

During his tenure he has helped over 40 people achieve Shodan (1st Degree black Belt.) When Sensei Ken Samuels retired he met Sensei Gwynne Jones, and recommended that Shihan David affiliate the School with The Aikido Society of Wales, which eventually lead to the formation of Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society of today. He currently is a committee member who holds the office of Chairman of Shin Gi Tai, a post he has held several times and British Aikido Board Representative for the Society.

Shihan David has a very direct style of aikido, which is complimented and enhanced by his training in Kendo, Iaido and Home Office approved Control and Restraint Training. As opportunities have arisen Shihan David has frequently trained with other styles of Aikido and Clubs and actively encourages the students to seek experiences elsewhere. As an instructor he likes the cross fertilisation of ideas that are produced when students from other martial arts train in aikido.

Over time Sensei David has taught several times abroad and has been known to take his gi and hakama on holiday! He has also taught frequently in various locations on courses around the UK including to the Army. This year he was proud to be selected to be one of the teachers on the BAB Young Persons Course, and strongly believes that Aikido Coaches should maintain a strong educational basis to their methods and systems of training and is involved with the encouragement of all level of Coaches within the Society.

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