Shihan David, Sensei Pike & Soke Jones
Shihan David, Sensei Pike & Soke Jones

Plymouth School of Aikido started around 1980 at Fort Austin. It was held in the basement (commonly known as the dungeon) of the boxing club at the Fort. Ken Samuels was the first Aikido Sensei of the club. It followed on from a club run by ‘Doc’ Price from the 1970’s based in the YMCA in central Plymouth when Judo, Aikido and Kendo were taught. Both Ken and Doc practised Aikido with Colin Pike, in Cardiff at the Cardiff Aikikai in the late 60’s. Ken had also trained with Ken Williams in the Rhonda and travelled to London to study with Abe Sensei, Tamara Sensei and Kenetsika Sensei, whenever he could

PSA Members North Prospect Dojo circa 1980's

In 1981 the club moved to Farringdon Road to a small Dojo owned by Sensei Bob Rose of Kenpo Karate. This was above the shop that Sensei Rose ran, and was very small, only 12-14 tatami in size with a transverse beam we had to be aware of when doing weapon work! We did our first live demo over in Saltash in late 1982, Alan and I performed a “live knife” kata at yellow and white belt respectively. We moved to the Judo dojo in Trelawney Youth Centre, Ham Drive in the autumn of 1984 after the Judo club there had folded. We had a dojo with a canvas covered foam mat. At least we had exclusive use.

We then started a subsidiary club at Estover Community College on a Monday led by Alan and L-J Roberts. Tre and I led the Wed club at Trelawney; we were all Green Belts by then! Ken ran the Friday nights and any weekend sessions.

In 1984/5 a club was opened on a Wednesday in Ivybridge Town Hall, run by Alan Tait, we also started a club at Fursden Leisure Centre on a Thursday, again led by Alan and L-J but frequently assisted by Alan, Tre and myself. For a while Kim Dixon ran a club in Plympton with Hephzibah Davis – Evans.

At some time in this period Doc started a club on a Thursday in Plymstock but it only lasted a short while, probably not helped by not having any mats other than old fashioned coir gym mats!

In 1986 Ken moved back to Wales and the club was taken over by Chris Mavin however he emigrated to Canada, and Alan Roberts took over as Sensei. We had joined the Aikido Society of Wales headed by Gwynne Jones in 1986 after Ken had joined their group and been rapidly promoted to 3rd Dan (he had been 1st Dan for about 20 years!) We wholeheartedly followed our new head and in June 1986 Alan and I were awarded our 2nd Dan’s
THE 1990’S

Shihan David

In February 1992 Alan retired from Aikido and I took over and have led Plymouth School of Aikido since.


In 1995 we started classes in Laira Dojo which grew to become our home Dojo for the next 17 years. We also ran classes at the sports complex at Derriford Hospital between 1990 and 1998, first in the main hall and then in a squash court which was a bit cramped at times.

FROM 2000

Between 2011 and February 2012 we had classes at the Jon Kitto School with a view to moving there when our main dojo was closed. Sadly this arrangement was not suitable and we returned to the Laira Dojo.


Shihan David Applying Shionage during a class

From February 2012 we left Laira dojo due to the close and sale of the church and moved to “The Shed Dojo.” We converted the property into a permanent matted area for training This arrangement was terminated at short notice by the church. 


In September 2012, We arranged dojo space with Woodview Community School in Whitleigh. We now practice there on a Monday and hold regular courses each year.


After a lengthy refurbishment we returned to our old dojo (2014) in the school gym and started running Adult and; Junior classes on a Friday which still continue to date.


Our most recent Dojo was opened in October 2015 By Sensei Paul and Sensei Alec in response to student requests for a 3rd session in the week.

The Club as a whole has grown and expanded with an increased membership and large numbers of men and women training at each class. Many students are now independently going out to sample other clubs, bringing back ideas and information for everyone.

By Shihan D Worsley (April 2012).

Updated by T Hall September 2019.

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Group picture of Plymouth School of Aokido Circa 2018
Plymouth School of Aikido
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