The following Rules apply to all members of the School, regardless of Grade and acceptance is implicit in your application for membership.

  • 1a
    • i.Jewellery should be removed if it can be caught or ripped from your person.
    • ii. Gemmed jewellery should not be worn.
    • iii. Wedding rings may be taped to secure.
    • iv. Other piercings should be secure or taped to prevent accidental removal.
  • 1b.Any injury or medical problem must be brought to the attention of the Instructor prior to practice.
  • 1c. Follow the instructions of the senior person present when preparing, or clearing the Dojo ,before and after practice.
  • 1d.Endeavour to follow the instructions of the Instructor try to perform the techniques demonstrated to the best of your ability, if you are unable to do so please inform the Instructor of your problem.
  • 1e. Do not instruct different techniques unless cleared by the Instructor during the practice
  • 1f. If a student becomes aware of an injury after a class please communicate this to the Senior Instructor as soon as possible.
  • 2a.No smoking in the Dojo.
  • 2b.No swearing in the Dojo.
  • 2c.No chewing gum on the mat. (This is a safety requirement)
  • 2d.Drinks and food may be consumed in the dojo, (with permission of the Instructor )but, Not on the mat.
  • 3a.Aikido kit must be kept CLEAN.
  • 3b.Personal hygiene should be of an acceptable standard.
  • 3c.Finger and toenails should be clean and preferably short.
  • 3d.Only clean bare feet on the mat, dojo slippers to be worn at all other times.
  • 3e.Aikido kit if worn to and from the Dojo must be covered; it is preferred for students to change at the Dojo.
  • 3f.It has been traditional for female students of PSA to wear a Blue Hakima when they have gained their yellow belt this is optional. (Should any male practitioner wish to do so they can.)
  • 3g.A student who has been off the mat for a year is to wear a white belt, until given permission by the senior instructor to wear their original grade.
  • 3h. Suitable footwear will be worn of the mat in the Dojo.( Zori or flip-flops) This footwear should not be worn outdoors if at all possible.
  • 4a.Permission to leave and join the mat, on each occasion, must be sought from the Instructor, or Senior grade present.
  • 4b.The Class Instructor is to be addressed as ‘Sensei’ whilst on the Mat. If 1st Kyu or below the term ‘Sempai’ is used.
  • 4c.No Member of the School shall act on behalf of the School without the express permission of the Executive Officers of the School.
  • 4d.Instructors reserve the right to refuse membership and following application of disciplinary proceedings to remove the membership of a student who is deemed at fault.
  • 4e Respect your Seniors and your Juniors as they give their time and selves for your practice.
  • 5a.Weapons must be carried in a secured (closed) case outside of the Dojo.
  • 5b. ‘Metal’ weapons (shinken, iaito, etc.) must be transported in a suitably secured (locked if sharp) case. Students must carry their membership card and the item must be in a hard case on public transport.( New Regulations on Offensive Weapons 01 April 2008)
  • 5c. Students are expected to bring their weapons to all practices. (added 30/09/04)
  • 5d Weapons guidelines of the BAB shall be adhered to.
  • 6a.Data Protection Act: The School holds its records electronically and at times may use some of this information to form mailshots. The Management of the School does not foresee that this information will be given to any third party outside the Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society. Should this be necessary then individuals will be approached for permission.
  • 6b. Photographic Images Policy: The School has adopted the BAB Policy in its entirety (available on BAB website ) No photography of minors is allowed without express parental permission.
  • 7a. Aikido is an Art of Harmony, therefore act in a way that is harmonious with others, try not to cause offence by your actions and take no offence from others. If someone’s behaviour is unacceptable to you, discuss it with them and if this is unable to resolve the issue approach an Officer of the School.
  • 8a This set of Rules supersedes and replaces all previous rules from this date.

David Worsley

7th Dan Shihan SGTAS

Senior Instructor

Effective from 01.01 2016

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