First of all Tim’s Angels are Tam and Steph… Hi we are new to the group. Since I finished practising Jujitsu I wanted to begin Aikido but spent a few years just studying my degree and teaching. I can’t believe I left it so long! I have a passion for Aikido and am always reading about Morihei Ueshiba and ‘The Art of Peace’. and other books about Aikdo. The courage to come on my first day to the Dojo was supported by Steph who intently decided to join me. Since then we have had an interesting journey. The Angels encourage each other all the time, to develop in the best way towards correct Aikido. My previous experience in Martial Arts helps me develop and Steph (being new to Martial Arts) has found it helps her with her confidence in general.

My first night in the Dojo was enlightening! I walked through the door and whether this has anything to do with my intense meditation practice as a Buddhist or not, I felt a real positive energy that was uplifting and I forgot everything except Aikido. This was good for me as I needed to expel a few things out of my mind. So I decided to come back for more. Steph didn’t need much persuading either; we were both excited about our classes.

Our teachers are patient, positive and encouraging. Sensei Tim has taught us the basics to help us to get a good grounding in the techniques, which is beneficial for both me (as I have not practiced martial arts for 8 years) and for Steph as a beginner. We have affectionately become known as ‘Tim’s Angels’ which is somewhat amusing. Sensei Tim is a strong, strict teacher who doesn’t believe in the word ‘can’t’, and will let us know that perpetually while demonstrating techniques in a witty way.

Sensei David is a strong teacher, he is caring and concerned for our safety and provides a good explanation of techniques for us to learn and be challenged by, he also has a great sense of humour. Sensei Phil provides excellent explanation of Aikido techniques and philosophy to help us understand the meanings behind our purpose of Aikido.

Sensei Tre, well she is a tough cookie – she will challenge us to our potential and you certainly feel it afterwards and of course not forgetting Sensei Brian who demonstrated and drilled forward and backward rolls/break falls into the two of us. Our backward rolls still need further work, they are horrendous! All this is great for both Steph and me as we can build our energies and practice.

The Angels then graded to White belts, it was good to move out of the ‘danger’ label clumsiness of red belt. From then onwards we began to take Aikido more seriously. Grading challenged us to remember and practice our first and second form defences and also to use and understand some of the Japanese language and terms. Grading was a hard exercise and we were so tired at the end of it. Since grading we attended Aikido once or twice per week to practice some Bokken and Jo work, we found this fun and continued learning more about this at Summer Misogi in addition to more Aikido techniques and of course an activity that Steph and I wanted to do for some time – Archery!!

The Angels have enjoyed Summer Misogi for the first time and had a great time meeting new people and getting to know the group. Alec and Shaun were there and told us a few stories of Aikido.

I was asked to be part of our group’s Demonstration for Community Homes. I had to polish my techniques in a week! Phew! It was a good learning process; I enjoyed the demonstration and the challenge.

The Angels are keen to learn more and meet up with each other to practice, the benefit of joining with a friend is that we can support and encourage each other and work with others at the same time. I have reignited my passion for Martial Arts and Steph has a new found aspiration too, so we will be Tim’s Angels for some time yet!!

I consider Aikido to be a fascinating martial art; from a Buddhist perspective ‘the way of harmony’ is suitable for me on my Path. My personality suits this philosophical approach to defence. I think Aikido is very suitable for women and would like to see more women join, the confidence in life situation improves when we are aware of our ability to protect ourselves and others from attack or injury. As a teacher combining Aikido with my Buddhist philosophy helps me to be more assertive in class and improves my mental capacity to be more positive in my approach. My energy has increased since practising with a rising fitness level, mental focus, and confidence.

Joined by Stephy


August 2012

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