• 30 years of Aikido
  • 6th Dan August 2016
  • 5th Dan Oct 2005
  • 4th Dan Sept 2000
  • 3rd Dan Aug 1996
  • 2nd Dan Aug 1992
  • 1st Dan July 1989

Coach Qualifications

  • SGTAS Club instructor
  • B.A.B. Coach
  • Association Coach Tutor for Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society
  • Level 2 Coach Aikido

I have been training in Aikido since 1981, I started because I was being left at home 4 nights a week when David began training with Sensei Ken. From the very first Nikkyo he applied to my wrist I was hooked.

As the years have gone by my Aikido has changed and one of my greatest joys has finding other ways of doing techniques. I know I have a very distinct style and hope I am good at sharing. I LOVE TEACHING.

Both of my beautiful children have their 2nd Dans and watching them grade has been one of the highlights of my Aikido journey

I am big, bold and loud and I am proud to say unlikely to change..

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